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How to refinance your underwater mortgage – CBS News – As recently as 2012, Zillow reported that 31.4 percent of homeowners with a mortgage (close to 16 million individuals) were underwater, owing $1.2 trillion more than the value of their homes.

Underwater in Your Mortgage Ways to Refinance Your Underwater Mortgage | Bankrate.com – Refinance options when you’re underwater. Rachel Witkowski.. Your mortgage must already be a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan. The mortgage must have been originated on or before May 31, 2009.

What to do if you're underwater on your investment property. – While it is not ideal to pay to get out of the mortgage, it keeps your credit intact. Conclusion. Investment properties with underwater mortgages can make an owner feel helpless and stuck. However, there are options. In my situation, my property was underwater for about five years. I was losing money each month, but it was a manageable amount.

What is Underwater Mortgage? | LendingTree Glossary – If your mortgage is backed by a federal government guarantee (that mainly comprises FHA loans, VA loans, and USDA loans), you may be eligible to refinance your underwater mortgage through one of various "streamline" refinancing programs. These allow you quick and easy access to better rates but no cash.

7 of the Worst Mortgage Myths – Paying less than 20% will likely mean that you have to buy private mortgage insurance, though, costing you more. And it will put you in greater danger of being "underwater" on your mortgage, if your.

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The New Foreclosure Threat: Troubled HELOCs & Second Mortgages – If a Property Is Partly Underwater. Your property’s current fair market value is $400,000. You owe $350,000 on the first mortgage, which is paid current, while your defaulted second mortgage of.

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Underwater Mortgage Calculator – HSH.com – If you’re underwater in your mortgage, you’re not alone. Millions of homeowners are in the same boat. Even if you are eligible for refinancing under the harp 2.0 program, you’ll still be underwater for some time.

Is a Mortgage Refinance Right for You? | DaveRamsey.com – Who qualifies for a mortgage refinance? lender requirements vary, but most lenders need to see that you’ve maintained your original mortgage for at least 12 months before they’ll consider your.

Underwater Homeowners Have Chance to Refinance – Underwater Philadelphia area homeowners may be missing an. You must also be current on your mortgage with no late payments in the last six months and no more than one late payment in the last year..

Report: 55 percent of Nevada homes in foreclosure also heavily underwater – Being underwater on your mortgage doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll also lose your house to lenders. But in Nevada, if you’re on the path to foreclosure, you’re probably underwater, too. An estimated 55.